Monday, September 27, 2010

Give Forward!

Hello Everybody!

We have received lots of questions in regards of how to donate, YAY!  So here are your options for giving:

1. Mail us a check!
    Make it out to: Cory Kalanick
    Our Address: 2697 Sun Drive Hanford, CA 93230

2.  Visit:
     You can choose the amount you want to donate and pay with your credit card!

We appreciate ANY amount!  If you can give $25 we will hook you up with the shirt shown above letting everyone know that you are an awesome person that supported The Vegan Firefighter and Farm Sanctuary!

Please email us at to let us know that either a check is on the way or that you visited and donated to the cause.  Please include your address in your email so that we can send out your SUPER COOL shirt!

Thank you everyone for your support!
Again if you have any questions please email us at

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get Ready... Get Set... GO!!!

Hello Everyone!  Vegan Firefighter here.  Just wanted to give you a quick update.  I am expecting to have the final design for our fundraising shirts this Friday!  All of us working on this project are very excited!  I promise as soon as I have the design in my hot hands (no pun intended) you will get a preview here at TheVeganFirefighter.

For all of you that are unfamiliar with me or what I am trying to do here is a quick recap...

A couple of months ago (with my wife's oh so gentle urging) I decided to finally commit to my first marathon.  As I began my training I started thinking (lots of time to think on those LOOONG training runs) how I could do more with this marathon goal.  On one of these runs I happened to be daydreaming about a weekend my wife and I spent at the Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA.  We had, had a terrific weekend and were thoroughly impressed with the work the people there were doing to help animals and promote a cruelty free world; and then it came to me!... Could we possibly incorporate a fundraiser into this marathon?  I jogged home to talk to the boss... and here we are!  Basically, I will be training for the marathon and raising awareness for veganism and Farm Sanctuary by collecting donations.  All those who donate $25.00 or more will receive a shirt telling everyone you have supported The Vegan Firefighter and Farm Sanctuary.  And, all of the names of those who donated to this amazing organization will also get their name printed on the back of my shirt that I will be wearing in the LAS VEGAS MARATHON!

The list of people who are helping make this dream a reality is growing but so far we would like to thank Sasser Specialties for helping with the printing of our shirts.  We would also like to thank Matt Hines and Josh Henderson for creating The Vegan Firefighter logo, it looks great!  Thanks guys!

Watch out for more news from The Vegan Firefighter!

If you have any questions please email me at